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2003-10-14 | 3:39 p.m.

(Las Vegas, New Mexico-AP) -- Freshman tailback Vanessa Lucero scored the opening touchdown Saturday in West Las Vegas High School’s 67-0 rout of Pojoaque—and was homecoming princess to boot.

But as for football, Lucero said, "It’s only a guy sport until a girl joins."

She says both the TD and being princess were equally exciting, the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

Her black hair tucked under her dark green helmet, Number 11, all five feet and 103 pounds of her, ran the ball in from the one-yard line with 8:03 remaining in the first quarter.

And it was 14-year-old Dona Vanessa standing there in green and gold with the Dons congratulating her.

Lucero came back into the game as a decoy wide receiver in the fourth quarter and made a block.

She’s also on the school wrestling team.

What a cool thing to say. Three cheers for Vanessa Lucero.

In other cool news, J.K. Rowling is allowing a German mag published by street people to run the first chapter of her fifth Harry Potter book before it is officially published in Germany. So the homeless and unemployed people will sell zillions of copies of their paper. Apparently, Rowling (or her publisher) thought of the idea and approached the Germans, not the other way around. Isn't that great? I have enormous respect for that.

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