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2003-10-13 | 7:56 p.m.

Lately, I find I want to start all my entries with the words you guys. As in, You guys, you'll never guess what happened! Or You guyyyyys, I'm so depressed! I keep editing out the impulse, but I wonder if it means something. Perhaps I need more of a social life offline, for one thing.

It's not as if I have a really happening social life online, though. Sometimes I feel a little wistful when I hear about other diarists having these marathon chat sessions with their Diaryland friends. But as it is, I'm always rushing my real-life friends off the phone. And lately, my DSL connection has been dropping for hours at a time. So I'd probably make a lousy chat room pal.

See, I always want the cool stuff that other people have (like friendships, visible abs, tile patios, etc.), but I'm not willing to work for them. So I can't feel sorry for myself. I shouldn't, anyway.

I should get back to work. It's after eight o'clock and my article remains unwritten.

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