mike - 2004-10-19 00:27:24
Is the clutch thingy you posted the link to the same one you're describing? I had a beautiful parrot green wallet once, much smaller, which somebody stole and probably threw into a trashcan on Sproul Plaza. I miss it like anything. Maybe we can do a wistful Proustian book together on wallets we have known ... BTW, my husband, who is peering over my shoulder right now, would like to know if you have heard of a B movie star from the forties named Aquanetta.
Beth - 2004-10-22 13:09:24
Oh, I love looking at purses and wallets on ebay. I wish I had money. And I know how it feels to just procrastinate to the point of implosion. I do it every day at work.
suenos - 2004-10-27 18:50:27
aww - thats sweet

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