LA - 2004-06-23 07:20:33
I know. Reagan scared me because it was obvious the man's grip on reality was already slipping before his first term was over. I wanted to know who was REALLY running things. Now thanks to Dub I can only look back at the Reagan years and think, "Well, by comparison to what we have now Ronnie wasn't so bad." Bush and crew HORRIFY me. ~LA
Trish - 2004-06-23 08:37:06
Yes! I've used those same lines from 1984 to describe what is going on right now. And sadly, a huge portion of our population just gobbles it up.
Nora555 - 2004-06-23 12:17:53
Oh my god!! You've just said everythign I was thinking about this reagan thing. When i was little I was a scared little girl because i though our country was going togo down in nuclear holocaust. And about that mans screaming.. I hear him in my dreams.... YOur such a couragious writer and so not inarticulate. Letty
Joan - 2004-06-23 13:13:03
You said it so well. I listened to Dubya this morning and you know, Dubya's found a new noun and new verb -- pandemic -- did you know AIDS is pandemic? It's like this is news to least the word. He used the word five times in two sentences...amazing! We've just got to somehow be sure that the chads aren't hangin' come November! and that we get as many people to vote as possible. Especially the young people, who feel their votes don't count. (I live in California...and it is discouraging to have the election called before our polls are many people here for that reason feel disempowered.) I'd like to get rid of the electoral college -- it has outlived its usefulness IMHO. Thanks for saying what a lot of us are thinking.

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