Julie - 2004-04-10 04:55:13
Brilliant caricature of the sort of religion I grew up in! Thanks, it made me smile! (It's either laugh at it or weep!) Sounds to me as if your children will be safely immune from all that.
Monica - 2004-04-10 12:33:35
My family is Pagan, so imagine Granny's surprise several years ago when she asked Jasmine what we were doing for Easter and Jasmine said, "We aren't Christian, so we don't celebrate that holiday. We celebrate the equinox." Fortunately Granny doesn't hear too well on the phone, so she to this day has no idea about our preference. Then there's the time Gabrielle sat out on the playground at Halloween and said, "No one better mess with me because my mom is a *witch*!"
Lorinda - 2004-04-11 19:21:36
Yay! There are sane people out there, not filling their children's heads with religious trash.

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