dicentrah - 2003-12-21 16:50:38
Mailed all the cards on time this year. Pleasant change.. I'm of the opinion you've done more than no damn thing this year...entertained me, at any rate... :)
the shivers - 2003-12-22 13:16:23
we finished our cards on Saturday night and after I was done I looked at the stack and thought, what the hell am I doing? Next year the list of people who get one will be much much smaller.
thisendup - 2003-12-22 17:49:37
i don't send any cards and therefore don't get any cards. it's a vicious circle of holiday carding and once you have found yourself outside of it, you had best stay out. you can be assured that your courage is great simply for standing up in all the greeting card cheer and not falling down.
Alice - 2003-12-29 14:23:37
I hope you see this even though it's burried here, practically a week ago. I put off the cards. Started the newsletter multiple times, never getting very far. We *did* do things this year, I'm just so burnt that, well, I suck. I knew that last year we mailed the cards (newsletter enclosed) on Christmas Eve; I figured it was virtually impossible to come out worse than that, but found a way. Nothing got done. Nothing. There were no cards. There was no newsletter. At this point, I've decided I'm saving the cards for next year. I still have a little twinge of belief that maybe I'll pull together a "Happy New Year" newsletter while I'm on winter break and mail it before we go back to school on the fifth... but we are leaving for Reno on Wednesday and not returning until Saturday, so the chances really are pretty slim. It's sad, too, because I've really missed people this year and could use the feeling of reconnecting. Funny thing is that I had some time at the beginning of November and I was kind of in the mood to write. I joked about just getting the Christmas cards and letter done. Guess I should have gone with the gut. :) I miss you. xo~Alice

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