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2003-12-20 | 10:54 p.m.

Semi-confidential to Alice:

Have mailed seven cards so far and have eleven more ready to go out. I just decided, fuck it, I'm not writing a newsletter. I didn't do a damn thing worth mentioning this year and I don't want to spotlight that fact in a yearly message. Then Duff decided to go ahead and write a little note for "his people" and that worked out well. (Since I didn't have any accomplishments to list, he mentioned my shoulder and knee injuries instead.) Yes, I really am jerk enough to never even consider sending his letter to my friends. I'm pretty sure he is used to this sort of prima donna behavior from me where writing is concerned, though, so I don't think his feelings were hurt. Secretly, I am still hoping to manage some sort of letter for my special pals. We'll see. Time, she is a-wastin'.

So where are you on the journey?

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