LA - 2003-04-15 06:51:29
Hating Bush and his pack o' thugs is easy enough, what's hard is waiting for the Democrats to fucking stand up already and DO SOMETHING. ~LA
Molly - 2003-04-15 08:57:35
It's awfully frustrating to feel so powerless, isn't it? And to feel so out of step with the rest of the country. I read the polls that say Bush has a 71% approval rating and I think, is 71% of this country asleep?!? I feel your pain.
Trish - 2003-04-15 09:29:19
I understand how you feel, too. I'm sick of all the *patriotic* e-mails I'm getting from friends and family. I'm tired of hearing about how we're *liberating* the Iraqis, when there are people dying all over the bloody world because no one is coming to liberate them. I hate that the U.S. troops are guarding oil fields, yet museums and hospitals get looted. Yeah, liberate them and then let them twist in the wind so we can go on and invade Syria and Iran and God knows who else next.
Milkmaid - 2003-04-15 17:51:59
Heh! I don't get any patriotic emails, and everyone I know, understands perfectly well that waiving their flag in my face will get 'em an earful. This whole business is terrifying. We'll prolly find those antiquities on E-bay soon enough. See - stealing artifacts to sell on the black market? Those Iraqi's are ALREADY capitalists!
linguafranca - 2003-04-16 08:27:56
I'm with you about the artifacts. They weren't just Iraq's, they were the heritage of all of us. And if they're like most museums, most of what they had probably hadn't been studied or properly catalogued yet. Now we'll never know.
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