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2003-04-15 | 12:03 a.m.

I've got one friend in e-mail telling me with a chuckle that he now likes and trusts George W. Bush. "Isn't that weird?" he writes, all hardy har har. Another gung-ho friend was on my answering machine tonight, promising to call back tomorrow. Probably wants me to watch her kids. Well, I don't want to watch her kids, because she's one of these Hallmark card patriots. The last time I heard from her, she sent me some happy horseshit from the Marine Corps website. What I want to know is, am I obligated to be nice to these people? Because, frankly, they're not all that important to me, and I am FURIOUS at this country and especially anybody who supports Bush. I know I'm supposed to say that everybody's entitled to an opinion, even one that differs from mine, and of course it's true but do I really have to indulge them, talk to them, write to them, smile at them? Can't they just have their opinion far, far away from me? I don't want to talk to them! Is that childish? I don't care!

I'm really really really upset about all these lost antiquities in Iraq. How the museum people were begging our Department of Defense for MONTHS to protect these priceless artifacts, and when the looting was going on, the American soldiers stood one hundred feet from the doors of the museum and refused to budge. The museum staff went out there and begged them to help, but they wouldn't. And it's just so WRONG. Those fucking morons! Support our troops, right? Support our troops, or else. Rah rah rah. I know people matter more, but I have a real soft spot for seven-thousand-year-old clay tablets and phrases like "the cradle of civilization." See, I don't believe that those things represented merely Iraqi history. The earliest known writing--that is human history. Come on!

Nor is the symbolism lost on me. I mean, our military vs. fabulous museum = DUHHHH. George Bush and his gang don't care about museums. And you know who I especially hate? I hate that fucking bitch* who took a Clorox bottle into the White House, as a way to instantly offend the most prestigious housecleaning staff in the entire country. My Mom said she saw her on Oprah once, or something like that, and she said she criticized her husband ONCE and he drove the car into the garage wall, so she never criticized him again. You call that a fucking marriage? That's a fucking enlightened example to set, isn't it? In other words, he's a powder keg and if I upset him in the least, he turns violent. Fabulous, Madam Education. I hate you. No, I don't hate you. You're too banal to hate. I just can't stand you and I have zero respect for you. I have zero respect for the way you live your life and especially for the way you raise your children.

I have to go to bed now. But in case I haven't made myself perfectly clear, if you support George W. Bush, fuck you.

* not my first word choice

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