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2003-12-30 | 1:41 p.m.

But seriously, where is the cheapest place to live in the country these days? Is it still Kentucky? Because I may have to move there soon.

Duff's parents are worrying about their retirement, I guess, and his Dad says he wants to "get out from under" our house.

And so I start to think in my usual crisis-mode way. I wasn't made for the middle-class existence; I'm all about just getting by. I don't even mind the part about just scraping along. Well, not too much. Not so much that it reduces me to something less than human. It's the health insurance I don't want to give up. Damn it.

OK, I do mind just scraping by. But I'm an optimist at heart and I always believe it won't last forever. When I was growing up, I remember the many times my mother and I talked about how the best part of hitting bottom is that "there's no where else to go but up from here."

So maybe it will pass or maybe it won't. What difference? I've still got some bounce left in my back end. I will bounce. I think I'll write that on an index card and tape it to the mirror: bounce. Maybe it will help me not fret so much.

They have DSL in Kentucky. I'm sure they do. They've got to have it in the libraries, at least. Right?

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