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2002-11-19 | 11:20 p.m.

I am SUCH a maroon. I thought, Oh, why I am not writing more for Nanowrimo? If I really put some effort into it, maybe I could make 50,000 words. I mean, sheesh, you never know. Might as well try. So I thought, hmm, where shall I put it, all these words? This excrescence?

So then I think, well, I've got other diaries that I've started and then abandoned. Why don't I revive one of those? Good idea. I'll just go pick out a new template from one of those free template sites. So I do that, and there's a little button you can click that says "Change my template now!" and I think wow, this is the life!, and I click it thinking it's going to prompt me for my password into this other diary, but instead it goes straight to the page that says, OK, your diary has been changed!

And I'm like hunh??? How'd you do that without me even .... AAAAAGGGGHHH!!!

Because of course it came here, to my default daily driver diary, and turned everything BLACK (!!) and naturally I had no record of the way it used to be and the person who did this design has shuttered her shop and gone fishing for the rest of her life. I take a look at the damage and realize that--insult to injury!--whatever stylish adjustments I'd attempted to make to the template have utterly failed, and my entire diary is just one big charred hunk of pain. Talk about INARTICULATE. AAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!

So, long story short, if you came here and my diary was blacked out, that's why. Because I am a maroon.

You'd think I'd get the hang of this sooner or later, but no. I just never do.

And now I don't remember all the little tweaks I had made to it. Sigh.

Dumb ass.

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