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2003-09-13 | 9:02 p.m.

Movies I Didn't Watch All the Way to the End

These were all rentals. I'm too cheap to walk out of a movie theater unless the movie is incredibly bad, and now I take enough care choosing big-screen movies that I tend to avoid the real stinkers.

Got freaked out by the screaming Vietnamese mothers and children and had to turn it off.

Pulp Fiction
Seriously put off/disturbed/annoyed by the characters; their lack of--what?--morality, conscientiousness, feeling.

Moulin Rouge
Was excited to sit down to this one. Watched about twenty minutes. Never engaged my interest. Thought to self, why am I watching this?

Waking Ned Devine
Hopeless/crazy caper premises make me extremely uncomfortable for some reason. I really didn't expect to stop watching this one, but I felt so squirmy I couldn't make myself keep watching. Isn't that weird?


About Schmidt
I did watch this all the way to the end. It just feels like I didn't because I wasn't satisfied with the resolution.


Almost couldn't make it through this one, because I found it so overstimulating, especially the part about the baby. Oy vey. Had bad dreams after. But I'm glad I watched it.

Movies I Can't Make Myself Rent

Schindler's List
Some movies make me afraid of how sad I'll feel after, even though I know that watching such movies is usually a positive experience for me. I keep promising myself I'll watch it, but it hasn't happened yet.

Saving Private Ryan
Same reason. My Dad served in WWII (though he was in the Navy) so that added resonance, I predict, would send me over the edge. Some people call these "three-hankie" movies; I require a dish towel.

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