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2005-08-27 | 2:58 p.m.

When something really great happens, or especially when something is proposed that will be great, if and when it happens, though it hasn't happened yet...well, when that happens, I begin by being thrilled, walking-on-air thrilled. But it never lasts. It never lasts! After a few hours, Thrilled slips out for a loaf of bread and a pack of cigarettes, never to return. Then comes the mother-in-law: Terrified. She comes with a suitcase in each hand. She reminds me of everything that could go wrong. That is, everything I could do to make it go wrong. She resurrects every two-headed calf of my career in project husbandry. She makes propaganda posters of my failings and hangs them in the waiting room of my psyche. She waits it out.

We are together again, the old mother and me. Something has happened--might happen--and it is--could be--beyond my wildest etc. OK, to other people, it might seem sort of pedestrian. But to me, Thrilling. I found out one of my old professors-slash-friends is writing a book on a subject of supreme interest to me. A book that he has spent his career preparing to write. Tardy as always, a few weeks later I fired off an e-mail saying I wanted to help.

Dr frd, f u cn rd ths, I wnt 2 hlp. Rle!

Weeks passed.


And then yesterday, he wrote. He said that scores of students have asked him if they could be his research assistant. (Me, with my head sealed in a bubble of ignorance, never anticipated this development: competition.) He said he always begs off. Except this time.


Happity 10th Irthday to Felony & Criminy, who are out celebrating the opening day of soccer season.

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