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2002-08-13 | 12:43 p.m.

This morning I read the local police log and discovered that Oddy, Bambi's ex, got himself arrested last night for "felony infliction of corporal injury on a spouse or co-habitant." Was it really him? How many 35-year-olds named Oddy Liston could there be? My heart started thumping like mad because I was afraid it was Bambi somehow. Even though she insists she doesn't have contact with him, after my sister's experiences I've learned to be skeptical. The log said he had beaten up a woman with whom he had been involved "in a dating relationship" for two and a half years. So either the details were wrong and it was Bambi, or else it's another woman--one he's been screwing since Sean was born at least and long before the twins, who are just a year old.

I called up Bambi and she confirmed that it was him, though she hadn't yet heard the news, and she added that he had already been to jail once for beating up this same girlfriend, and when I grilled her she insisted that he never laid a hand on her except the one time they got into a shoving match and he pushed her outside by the hair. Which she told me about at the time, and that's when I really started lobbying her to leave, and she said she would and she was saving money for months and just about the time she was supposed to pack up and go, she got pregnant with the twins. I got so damn mad about it she wouldn't talk to me for months.

She told me he had the same problem with Roxanne, the one he was with before Bambi, but that she had avoided it by refusing to get into fights at all and by not getting loaded with him like the others do.

Every new piece of information kept hitting me like a slap in the face. She would say, "You remember I told you that he..." and I kept saying no, no, NO! I don't remember a thing. Did she tell me he was living here in Loserville? It sounds sort of familiar, but not familiar enough. How could I have missed that? Either she didn't tell me or I didn't remember--didn't want to remember. Often she thinks she's told me things that she never told me, and then I have the tendency to forget anything that doesn't directly relate to me, so it's hard to say.

Anyway. She asked me to save the article so she could put it in her file. I told her to get the police report from the P.D., too. She's slowly building a case against him. You never know what you might need at your disposal someday.

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