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2004-06-13 | 12:35 p.m.

I turned in my last bits of paperwork at lunchtime on Friday and now my summer has begun. Instead of loading the surfboards into the family Woody, I started cleaning the house. Have you ever noticed that the trademark "Swiffer" seems to be some sort of diabolical contraction of "housewifery"? Have you ever noticed that the unforgivable killing curse Avada Kedavra from the Harry Potter books calls to mind both "abracadabra" and "cadaver"?

Now that I finally have a chance, I restarted Tricksterís Choice by Tamora Pierce last night. I have read all her books in order and I have no intention of stopping now. If you feel like reading feminist teen fantasy novels, too, start with Alanna: The First Adventure, which is probably available at your local library in an audiotape edition.

The computer is running deathly slow. Unusably slow. I blame Duff because he is always changing stuff around, adding new fix-it software and tinkering with it. He blames me because I have installed a couple of old educational games for the kids, which he says secretly added spyware that makes Windows XP choke. Except he says he uninstalled all the spyware, and the system is still horribly slow.

My question is, what good is having a computer if you canít use it to play a couple of dinky old educational games? If he can protect us from pop-ups, he ought to be able to crush five-year-old spyware. Right now, our kids can easier browse hard-core pornography sites than play Math Blaster 6-8 or JumpStart Typing. Itís just not right, I tell you.

And why did he install Windows XP in the first place? To make the computer run faster.

I would write more, but basically, I canít. I think it's ZoneAlarm that's causing the problem, though. That's my hunch. Guess I'll do something else. We have been working on our garden a lot. You would be proud of me! Maybe.

P.S.: I wanted to mention something in here that I thought my friend Mike would especially appreciate, but I can't remember what it was. I'll try to remember before my next post. Think, think...

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