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2003-04-25 | 9:51 a.m.

Idly digging through some folders in the DOWNLOAD directory, I came upon a small cache of what can only be described as Trek porn.

"What is this?" I asked crisply. I wasn't truly outraged, I just like putting him on the spot.

Duff, sorting Vampire cards on the edge of the bed, leaned in to get a closer look.

"Oh! Heh heh," he chuckled. Tried to play it off like it was all about the Trek.

Several of the images showed a speckled Dax and Maj. Kira in a soft-core tangle. They never did that on the show, I think. I'm reminded that he could hardly be convinced to watch DS9 with me, even after it got good.

He says it was just a one-time download. Some stuff he saw on FARK. It's not like he has some big collection.

I point out that another folder, /bettie, contains every image of Bettie Page available.

"Oh yeah," he says wistfully. Allows that we might be able to get rid of a few of those. Such as the duplicates.

Here's my advice. Be careful what you leave lying around on the computer. You might just be remembered for your digital porn.

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