ex-justvisiting - 2006-07-13 15:30:41
What the fuck? Do you have my number? What are you doing today? Email me, okay? I know it's been a (long) while, but I hope you'll contact me if I can be of any help...or distraction. Jocelyn
Melissa - 2006-07-13 18:40:57
I won't forget you. I think about you a lot and have hoped you're doing well. So sorry about this new development. Fuck the bagatelles and the white-hots both, I say! I hope you will be fine - I *know* you will be, and you'll have the kids with you. Wish I lived close by, but must make do with sending my warmest wishes for everything good from this distance & through the online ether.
LA - 2006-07-13 21:42:25
2 years????? Oh, dearheart, I am so sorry. Opposite sides of the country we may be, but know you are always right here in my heart. I believe in you. I believe in your inner-strength. I believe you and the kids will come out the other side of this horror and will be okay. I know it's hard to trust yourself right now, you've been suckered to the Nth degree, but I know you are smart and strong enough to weather this. You are NOT ALONE. Not ever. Love, ~LA
Molly - 2006-07-14 14:59:04
No! I second all of the sentiments below. If you ever wanted/needed a free place far far away, you got one in NC. Same with the kids. Ever the optimist, I'm thinking this will be an excellent (though scary) adventure for you. I wish you every good thing.
Milkmaid - 2006-07-16 01:19:26
I'm sure you're shocked and traumatized by this turn of events. What on earth is going on in that man's mind???!!! I just want to box his ears! Hang in there. All will be well again. Just keep trudging. I'll keep a good thought.

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