LA - 2005-12-24 11:28:57
I read about one family who had big drawstring sacks. Each person had a bag and all their unwrapped presents were in it. Christmas morning everybody dove into their sacks and fished their presents out. I like that. Enviro-friendly, non-messy, less expensive. I'm considering instituting the Christmas bag thing here. Too late this year, though I am tempted to use pillow cases. Might I suggest you do the same? You've got far too much on your plate right now to be giving yourself grief about wrapping paper. I love you too, my dear one. Wishing like hell we could get together tomorrow. I'd set you down with a plate full of my simple no-hassle Christmas dinner and a BIG glass of wine. We'd watch the kids tear ass around and just enjoy the day. ~LA
Alice - 2005-12-28 18:45:49
We stopped *unwrapped* presents last year... my kids are past the "Santa thing" and their teenage-y presents do not create an impressive display under the tree on Christmas morning. I like the sack idea... the renewable nature, the wonder of the unknown... and it sounds EASY. I could use some "easy" at this time of year. I need to write an entry to purge my own Christmas melancholy... but first I need to play some "Need for Speed" before the husband gets home from work and I have to share the GameCube. xo ~Alice

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