linguafranca - 2005-10-21 09:19:31
I know what you mean.
Molu - 2005-10-21 10:11:09
I have been moaning and wailing about the same damned thing for the past few days. How do you make those real and true friends, anyway? I haven't got a one that's local. Depressing.
Tealeaf - 2005-10-21 13:17:30
Ditto all that, damn it all to hell.
mike - 2005-10-22 02:52:40
I feel that way, too.
Nancy - 2005-10-27 21:07:41
I know the feeling. And it's hard to take risks with friends who have children that are friends with our children because you risk detonating a social structure that involves more than yourself. As for wanting friends to stay for hours... I know that longing, too. But now that we have children, and most friends have children, that isn't possible, unless you both go to great lengths to secure sitters for the children, etc. And how often can that happen? Usually never. Not to mention that type of planning eliminates spontaneity, a key ingredient to the sense of freedom we mourn. Face it, this 'grown up' gig can really suck. Kids and work. The intense relationships we had in high school and college can't be mimicked unless you are child-less and even then making money gets in the way. Maybe when our children are grown. I see the greyheads gather at the local cafe, sitting in the sun, no sense of urgency about them. Mostly men, with one particularly pretty woman among them. I wonder how many of them she has fucked?

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