LA - 2004-10-12 22:15:59
Like Aqua Net the hairspray? Weird. In Wolf's class there's Cheyenne, Dakota, Shane, and Cody. They all sit in the same cluster of desks. In my mind I call them 'The Zane Grey Reading Group'. What's with all the cowboy shit? We live in NY fer chrissakes! There's also one boy Alex and 3 girl Alex-es: Alexa, Alexis, and Alexandra. My, weren't the scheduling gods kind to Wolf's teachers? As far as I know mine is the only Wolf in the whole school system, but ya never know. Hope all is well with you! ~LA
Melissa - 2004-10-13 12:21:21
My niece's friend back at her old school (in a tiny country town) was named Starletta. That cracks me up. I mean, it sounds like the name of Barbie's Dream Horse or something. I guess I'm going to name my kid either Odo or Casseiopeia. They're weird, granted (everyone has to be nowadays), but at least these names have HISTORY.

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