LA - 2004-08-27 09:07:38
Happy Birthday, girls! And I can't believe you were allowed to deliver twins the regular way. I thought a C-section was an automatic in multiple births. ~LA
Tealeaf - 2004-08-27 11:53:02
Congratulations to you and happy birthday to the sisters in crime! My sister also talked her way out of it. That is, as one twin came out - no problemo with the medicos. As the second was gearing up to come - no go. They wanted to whisk her right awy under the knife. She persisted as well and still thanks her lucky stars 16 years later (no sections in five births).
mike - 2004-08-28 23:28:29
Mwah, mwah. Happy birthday, girls. I was just thinking about you the other day, and now I remember why. Someday, please explain the lady caps writer pun to me. I guess I must be too young to understand it.

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