kath - 2004-07-29 15:34:20
I can't say that word easily, either. "Genitalia" sounds like a word you'd use while dictating your findings during an autopsy of an extraterrestrial. I got into a playground discussion last year with a student who reported another child had kicked someone "in the nuts." Now, I knew that "nuts" was not a parochial-appropriate term, but I couldn't for the life of me come up with the one that staff is SUPPOSED to use. Had to grab the school counsellor and whisper, "Quick! What's the Catholic word for nuts?" Incidentally, the Catholic word for "nuts" (and any other associated, umm, genitalia) is "privates". I find it usable - not too cute, not too clinical, not too blunt. It ain't what we say at home, but privates works in public.

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