LA - 2004-05-17 19:46:37
Wow. Someone who's in deeper shit than I am. This does not make me happy in the least. My dear, anything I can do from here? Sounds to me like depression and anemia. They go together. Like who eats kale when they're depressed? And for Pete's sake send the kids to day camp for a couple weeks. Vacation Bible School. Something. You need a break from them and they from you. Much love from your bossy friend, LA
Melissa - 2004-05-17 21:22:30
I wish I could do something from here, too. Nothing to do with kale, don't worry. Almonds and raisins (my new favorite snack) have iron in them, too. Can't you check out for a couple of hours, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and then soak in the tub with something good to read? Take a mini-vacation while you wait for the real one to start? And then take a real one, whatever that means for you. Sorry you're feeling so run down.
Nancy - 2004-05-18 23:23:40
I think you should put your kids back into regular school because you are working yourself to death or, at best, into permanent residence in the orb of confusion. They'll deal, and they'll still be splendid, and they'll learn to deal with young and old bullshit before leaving the nest. Besides, how good is it for them if you feel so lousy? I can't ask how good is it for you, since you seem to put yourself last. There is a long-running theme of you not being able to KEEP UP. It's like you are running and running but instead of going forward you are sinking deeper and deeper into a muddy mire. I don't believe you are at all lazy, but that you've taken on too many responsibilities. Ease off, give yourself a break. 'Ight? Peace.

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