LA - 2004-05-03 08:28:44
Oh! I like Seattle a lot. Have fun! ~LA
meghan - 2004-05-03 09:08:43
never been but if i were to go my first stop would be that experience music project museum. saw a show on tv once and it seemed awesome in both content and form. have fun :)
the shivers - 2004-05-03 12:58:51
go down to the Pike's Peak market and sit on the tiny hillside park area that overlooks the market and the ocean. It's absolutely beautiful and you will feel as though you are sitting on top of the world....
Frances - 2004-05-03 15:40:22
Used to live in Seattle. That was twelve years ago but still, lots of free stuff. I mean just walking around looking at everything, that's the best, there's parks and the market and all the tucked away weird places (even though I got this horrible fear they've gone and starbucked everywhere and cleaned it all up). Feets and air, that's all you need. Hotdog. This is from Frances.

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