Chris - 2004-02-23 06:57:35
Katherine - 2004-02-23 07:32:19
Best wishes and congratulations. What a great wedding day it sounds like.
LA - 2004-02-23 08:34:57
Congratulations! So, did they pronounce you 'husband and wife' or 'spouses for life'? How I adore you. Only you would get married in funeral clothes on Friday the 13th amid a flood tide of controversial gay marriages. Sorry, but that just cracks me up. So mazel tov, my dear friend. Live long and prosper. ~LA
meghan - 2004-02-23 08:50:22
oooh, congratulations :) i really want to go to san fran this summer, it sounds like such a cool place.
dicentrah - 2004-02-23 10:11:02
Hmm. Congratulations? Are you happy or is this really just a paperwork thing for you? And you can bet your hind end that as soon as they start issuing licenses here in Mass I'll be the first in line!
jocelyn - 2004-02-23 13:21:10
I'm with dicentrah...are you happy? Are congratulations in order? If so, Congratulations!! We here in the city are a little marriage ga-ga right now (and particularly in my office!) Best wishes to all of you.
the shivers - 2004-02-23 15:36:50
not sure if you're looking for congratulations, but i'll offer them anyway....that and a suggestion. My friend is the senior editor for the SF Chronic1e's Sunday mag - i think this piece could be, with a little massaging, a good candidate for one of their back page essays.
Nancy - 2004-02-23 21:30:36
"We got married in a fever..." I've only heard Johnny Cash and Roseanne Carter Cash duo that one. As for Nancy Sinatra, I was named after Frankie's song for her, "Nancy with the Smiling Face". I have no idea how it goes. So you did it. I've been wondering. Your writing on this subject has been so melancholy I really hesitate to congratulate you. How about this? Congratulations on all the insurance money you'll save!!! Nah, really (though that IS a bonus; more money less stress), I think congrats are in order because this is something you WANTED. And now you have it. BTW, the best part was when you wrote that people had waited for years. I hope this formality causes an infintesimal positive shift in your sense of self.
Bathsheba - 2004-02-23 23:16:38
Wow, congratulations. I had no idea. Now you're making me feel all unwed-motherly. Friday the 13th was the perfect day. Except for maybe Leap Day. What am I blabbering on about here. CONGRATULATIONS!!

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