LA - 2004-01-08 07:45:00
Hey Tootsie, been thinking about you. Been so busy doing the Electric Slide and such I haven't written to anyone as I should. You doing okay? ~LA
Bathsheba - 2004-01-08 11:19:31
Wow, I want all those books. Why do you do this to me? Before Xmas my Amazon wish list had 351 items on it (a record, I'm sure, for which I should be rewarded by The Powers That Be at Amazon or someplace, no? no?), but then I pruned it down to 250 items. I don't actually expect people to buy me stuff from the list; really, I like to emphasize the 'wish' in wish list. It's sort of like fantasy football for biblio set. At the same time, I think I am trying to become less acquisitive in general (New Year's resolution? maybe). You are not helping the cause. I want I want I want.
dicentrah - 2004-01-08 17:09:48
Ah, yes. I, too, suffer from paper snobbery. It is an unfortunate detail we, as paper lovers, can not afford to sniff and scoff with those who can. Drat.
some girl - 2004-01-12 00:29:27
hullo. you don't know me but i've been reading here for a year or two. i was homeschooled until i went to highschool. i admire you very much for homeschooling your kids. and i was reading this ~ I'm just saying, between you and me and the clock on the wall, that it doesn't go down the way I say it does. A lot of the best work we do is just, to borrow the musician's term, "riffing." Undoubtedly the worst of what we do is under orders and under the gun.~ and it struck me as very funny because that's what it ws like at my house too, and i remember my mom feeling very pressured because of it sometimes. but i just thought i'd come say, you seem like you would be a very good teacher, and if things are going like that with you, then you're probably on the right track. i don't know if that counts for much, but i hope so.
some girl - 2004-01-12 00:34:21
i'm sorry if the lack of capitalization and such bothered you to distraction. it's a bad habit.
Nancy - 2004-01-20 13:22:35
I just bought two spiral Clairefontaine notebooks, one small, one large, and the paper is a dream. Smooth, soft. Reasonably priced, for luxury - $5.50 and $4.95. I don't know why the larger one was cheaper than the smaller, I think it was a pricing mistake.
Alice - 2004-01-30 23:29:55
Hey... do you still want to read "The Unschooled Mind"? I have it... sitting on a shelf... because I love Howard Gardner and I wanted desperately to read it in an attempt to understand some of the families I work with. I thought Gardner would be the ideal bridge because I'm so open to him. Anyway, "life" got in the way and I've never gotten much beyond the first few pages. You're welcome to borrow it anytime, sans due date or overdue fines. :)

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