LA - 2003-09-23 15:55:37
That sounds like the most inane rag I've ever heard of. Even worse than "'Lucky'- the magazine devoted to shopping". The awful truth? There are actually people out there who NEED this kind of flimsy information. Or at least believe themselves well served by it. Ye Gods. ~LA
suenos - 2003-09-23 18:23:54
"Real Simple" should be "Real Advertisement" I gave the magazine a couple of tries and I noticed right away that half of my problems in life could be solved if I spent a bunch of money on useless crap. The elementary quotes are not half as annoying as their constant ad-name dropping and the best products page. -s
bellis - 2003-09-23 18:30:45
My aunt bought me a subscription to that because she thought it would appeal to my pare- down, DIY lifestyle. Yeah. Blergh. I give every issue to my library and subscribe to Readymade instead, which is wicked cool.
melanie - 2003-09-24 00:02:03
A friend of mine suggested that magazine to me because I was reading a book about simplifying ones life. It didn't even pass my inspection enough to make it through the checkout line. Pared down lifestyles are easy to do if you avoid most magazines, although I have to admit to a fondness for Mental Floss because I enjoy useless facts. At least they don't ask me to buy anything.
puppett - 2003-09-24 05:48:29
hmm sounds grim, I know what you mean about methodology, we have tv adverts over here for shampoo that say things like "60% of people said it gives 3 times more sheen" and at the bottom of the screen in titchy writing it says "sampled by 28 women" which aint a lot to base a national campaign on.. how the hell do you quantify "sheen" anyway?
mommylap - 2003-09-24 10:26:36
Just because the idea of simplicity rings true, some jackass decides to market it. It makes my eyes roll back in my head, because I will be drawn to the beckoning peace that calls to me from the cover of that magazine. And then as I look through it and think "Family Circle" is better. And cheaper. Not pretentious. And who would I be trying to fool carrying this around anyway? I like the idea of simplicity, but the truth is that I like my reality complicated. I thrive on that. And every time I long for someone to think for me, it turns out wrong anyway, and incorrect is not simple.

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