justvisiting - 2003-09-08 13:49:55
Oh if only you lived closer to the City! Dave Eggers has a PIRATE store literally around the corner from my place. It's not just pirate themed, either. There's a plank to be walked, treasure to be found, and all sorts of piratical supplies. It's called 824 Valencia (which also happens to be the address.) Maybe there's a website you could check out for ideas?
linguafranca - 2003-09-09 08:42:17
A pirate luau party! There's a kid with good taste. Don't spare the details of your planning! I can't wait to hear about it! (And don't forget, matey, September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day!) (And what 'City' is that mentioned above with the pirate store? I wanna go!)
poorlady - 2003-09-10 01:44:53
I love to read your updates. I was hooked from the first day!! You are on some of the same meds I have been on before. Be careful with that Effexor, when I came off of it, (because of the price) I swore I would never ever take it agian, it was a nightmare. Literally, I was having these horrific nightmares that I would wake up screaming and crying and even woke up the kids. I couldnt do that again. No way!! Erica
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