justvisiting - 2003-08-08 17:07:35
Oh my god! I have thought reapeatedly to invite you to Friendster! I looked up your name and found two Friendsters listed with that same name listed, but no photo - so I wasn't sure. I'll invite you now! J
suenos - 2003-08-08 19:52:45
Well, I for one think you are too cool for Friendster. A friend of mine invited me to join and I thought, What the hey? I am your "real" friend not your "virtual" friend. Forget that! -s
ghostlight - 2003-08-10 01:55:20
I'll invite you to Friendster. Then maybe it will be of some use to me. Right now, my only Friends are someone I haven't seen since I was 10 and Conan O'Brien. And my message board is empty!

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