metame - 2003-08-08 09:40:11
I had to comment on the last bit of your entry, my husband looked over at me last night and made the exact same comment...and he added that we should promptly become proud owners of this historic movie. :) Hope your ankle is feeling better!
the shivers - 2003-08-08 15:25:13
ouch - i hope they gave you the really good painkillers ... hope you're feeling better
Nancy N. - 2003-08-09 16:45:26
Crazy stuff! How terrible! BTW, if you are supporting yourself on your armpits, your crutches are too tall. I've been on crutches almost a dozen times and know the agony of chafed armpits. You should bring the crutches in close to your body and use your hands/arm strength; make sure the crutches don't touch your armpits except when resting at standstill. Really, really sucks, I know. But you still make it sound funny. I sure hope you find a way to make money off of this stuff!
Poorlady - 2003-08-20 23:06:11
Wow, your so much like me its freaky. I read your first entry and it is so much like me. My neighbors all hate me because we have noisy kids,a dirty yard, long grass etc. etc. I'm still reading your pages but wanted to say Hi, I'm new here but love it so far. -Erica/Poorlady
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