LA - 2003-05-24 05:26:34
YOU??? A REDNECK??? Puh-leeze. Yeah, that little rant got me de-listed by 6 readers, made every single person on my buddy list paranoid, and got me a whole bunch of grammatically slaughtered hate mail. Who knew the Rednecks had a union and a publicist? (Okay the last was a fib, but the first two are dead stone truth.) I was talking about people for whom Dale Earnhardt's death was the saddest thing ever. People who buy into advertizing with fervent Moonie-like devotion, own NO READING material except the National Enquirer (which they also believe every word of), and have 4 teeth but have a $5,000 "home theater". C'mon you goof, if you're a redneck then I'm a supermodel. ~LA

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