Nancy - 2003-04-11 01:19:26
I just bought the Canon S200 Elph and I'm SO happy with it. Got it thru Amazon for $310 total, including a 128 memory card!!! It even takes 30-second video clips. Here's a link to a page where I show some samples. The best thing is that it's TEENY and slips into my pants pocket. I also like that the zoom is on top of the camera and not in front of my right eye. The worst thing is that it doesn't have a battery-life indicator and it'll crap out on you with a few seconds notice. But the battery does hold a long charge and if you can get in the habit of charging it regularly it's not really a problem. Will recharge from empty in two hours. Nice to read you, haven't been here in awhile. The vitriol in your mom's voice cracked me up, my mom's the same way.
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