justvisiting - 2003-03-27 22:45:06
Wow. Right f*cking on! I've been missing from D-land because I cannot, for some reason, articulate in a thoughtful manor the myriad reasons I oppose this war. But this 'quiz' sums it up - to a point. Halliburton's being awarded the clean up contract made me physically nauseated on Tuesday. And really, there's so much more...
bellis - 2003-03-27 23:21:13
Right on!!!!! Thank you for this lucid, well- researched, thoughtful entry--- god, that's so balls-on. Great work. Thank you thank you thank you.
tara - 2003-03-28 00:27:55
i know you said it was attributed to a group of professors, but i was wondering if i might spread some anti-war loving around with this? thank you...and your lemon scares the bejeezus out of me.
Raney - 2003-03-28 00:32:10
Love it. And love the lemon. :)
justvisiting - 2003-03-28 13:21:10
I just re-read my comment. "Thoughtful MANOR??!!" Good lord. I'm losing it.

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