bellis - 2003-01-25 18:30:30
I love the names story. funny stuff. :)
tara - 2003-01-26 09:32:16
those are really their names? and to think, all this time, i thought they were code names. you are now my hero and i want to be like you if i have kids.
the shivers - 2003-01-27 12:39:44
no the fruit punch was not punishment (though, I admit that's exactly what I would have thought if it had happened to me), it was simply bad engineering...
Nancy - 2003-01-27 22:11:27
ok, thanks for clearing up the identities, but i'm still confused. if you live and sleep with another man, why are you so attached to this Brian dude? sounds like you have acute cake-itis, the ol' wanting to have your cake and it too. maybe i'm missing something? i've read i three bewildering times. and anybody who says that they will never be talking to you again is usually just enjoying themselves. ordinarily it takes a number of years of silence before you realize that you will most likely never speak to someone again. and only death guarantees it. i was kind of glad when i thought it was duff leaving, he's such a meany. i can't stand that he seems to expect you to behave differently than you are -- what a sad feeling. i lived like that for a year, once. and, no, you "shouldn't" know me, but i did tell you about flylady a long time ago. if she's helped you, please mark down some psychic credit on my tally sheet.
clinton - 2003-02-20 15:21:20
Your diary is fart

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