bellis - 2003-01-22 12:43:05
I just wanted to tell you that your entry today really moved me. Thank you.
Mike - 2003-01-22 18:31:13
Whenever I remember HIM, I remember two things -- that ridiculous bandana, and the sink stoppage he caused at the house on Spruce Street, because in all his privileged upbringing he'd never been in a house that didn't have an insinkerator. I like to think there was something emblematic about that sink incident; something significant about the fact that he stopped the sink up with LENTILS, the food of the working class he was so desperately trying to emulate. Lentils! If you were to make a short story out of it, you'd have to agree, no other food would really do. OK, I will shut up now.
ver0nica - 2003-01-23 18:15:37
Hi... I was also touched by your entry today. I'm sorry this is happening. Can I clarify one thing, though, in defense of him? In Latin America, and obviously Argentina is no exception -- saying "Chao" -- it's not spelled the Italian way -- is just like saying "Bye" in English. Not taking any sides in this matter, but just clarifying one of the quirks of the region. P.S. I've also discovered that Eurotrash don't seem to exist in Europe. Isn't that interesting?
Nancy - 2003-01-24 23:27:33
Are you saying that Brian is really Duff and that you've split from the man who has fathered your children? I'm a little confused because of the name change. Please clarify!!!

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