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2002-11-27 | 9:21 a.m.

Mom, Felony's trying to polish her teeth with her pickle.

Will spend the day cleaning and catch-up shopping. Am in a good mood, the sun is shining, so maybe I'll actually get something done. Turned down Dr. Zilch's offer of another Adderall prescription yesterday, so I feel righteous. I may beg him for it another day, but today I am resolute.

I am strong ... STRONG! I am invincible ... INVINCIBLE! I am womb-an!!

Okay, maybe not. Wish we had a way to indicate musical interludes. Little musical notes we could insert, like emoticons. I don't mind bursting into song when I'm talking, but it doesn't come across quite the same way in a text box.

Anyway. I am on the hunt for a good new stuffing (dressing) recipe if anyone has one. Nothing too crazy (e.g., chipotle).

Guess I will get off the computer before I dissipate good feeling. As Rita always says, love on you.

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