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2003-11-11 | 1:42 p.m.

Hey, y'all. I finished my article last night in true gonzo fashion, except I wasn't writing about politics or drugs. I was writing about consumer electronics. Mostly accessories. Sad, really.

And I had one of those sad-sack epiphanies, wherein I realized, once again, that I wasn't very good at what I was doing. Someone else could have done a much better job. Maybe they were off writing the thing I would have been good at.

Anyway, today I feel like one of those Japanese soldiers who crept out of the jungle twenty years after the end of World War II, blinking against the light, wondering if it was over.

I keep forgetting what I'm supposed to be doing, how I'm supposed to be doing it, and what I am supposed to have done already. Everything's just one big swirling to-do list. A twinkling galaxy of to-dos. To-do soup.

I'm not even sure what I wanted to tell you. I just know I've been dying to say it. Oh well. It'll come back. It'll all come back someday.

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