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2003-11-06 | 6:12 p.m.

I came here to vent about how much my kids annoy me sometimes, such as when I ask them to help me clean up the house and they do it so pathetically that it doesn't even count, and I know it's my fault because I set a bad example but gee WHIZ it still pisses me off. But then I read about la-the-sage's broken bra, so I had to write and tell her about my all-time favorite magic bra. Magic because it 1) offers genuine support without underwires, and 2) is made of cotton. Then I thought, well hell, I might as well share the secret with everboo.

And since I'm doing product endorsements, I should tell you that my new favorite candy bar is the Toll House candy bars that Costco is selling in a big death-teaser eight dollar bag. Let me tell you something: I am in love with these damn things. From now on, any Snickers bar that comes my way is going to seem like an ex-boyfriend. And I'll ask myself, How did I ever fall for that?

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