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2003-10-28 | 11:35 a.m.

Once a month, I sit down at the computer and spend hours documenting our homeschool existence for my meeting with the educational facilitator. She is called "educational facilitator" instead of "teacher" so as not to demean the efforts of uncredentialed parents like me.

Why it takes me so long to do this has much to do with the way I work, but why I put so much effort into it baffles most anyone else I talk to who is familiar with the process, since it is unlikely anyone besides me will ever read it carefully.

It sounds fatheaded to say I require that level of detail precisely because it will be me reading it. But I want it that way. I care that much. I trust that each subsequent re-reading--and there will be many--will be a series of small revelations. Partly because of the way my brain works (or doesn't work). My tricky brain, to use Caleb's phrase. Also partly neverending worry, guilt, and CYA.

My meeting with Valerie is at 1:00 p.m. Still have to shower and hit Kinko's to make a flurry of photocopies. Better stop Diarylanding.

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