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2002-10-06 | 6:35 p.m.

Thinking about things I could write for kids. Not really for kids--for myself, but kids could read it.

I think I have an appointment for an annual gynecological exam on Tuesday, but I can't figure out where I wrote it down. I guess I can call tomorrow. Yeah, that'll work.

We are donating the oldest car in our retinue to charity. Alzheimer's research. I have been pushing for this for months and finally Duff made the call. Praise Betty. They are coming on Tuesday, too. Please, let nothing go wrong with this deal. If they won't take the car for some reason, I will break right down and cry.

Since I will be in Berkeley on Tuesday, Frank asked me to stop by so we can go to Berkeley Hort and another nursery where I can look at native plants. He called me last night and after we talked for about an hour or so, Fiona asked to talk to me, too. That made me happy. And we talked for a good half-hour. She is always busy and sort of crisp generally so I do not usually ask to speak to her and certainly not without a specific topic in mind. But we have been slowly growing closer since everyone moved back to California. She has always been a little intimidating and now she has become something of an academic star. Sometimes I feel awkward or as if I have nothing interesting to say to her because I'm not on her level. But I'm also--though I realize this may sound somewhat patronizing, though I don't mean it that way--I'm really proud of her. It probably helps that I've learned more about what makes her tick. I know more about her insecurities, and I've had time to see her strengths and weaknesses in combination.

So yeah. Friends. At last.

We had a little spat back in 1986 (!) that took me a long time to get over. I can have a thin skin about some things, especially when it involves people I respect. Then somebody else can come after me and I'm a regular ankylosaur.

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