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2002-10-04 | 7:53 a.m.

Something I forgot to mention on my list of silly things that were making me feel sad last night: My twenty-year high school reunion is happening this weekend. Not that they ever came looking for me; I found out about it by running a Google search. I went to three different high schools which is why I fall through the cracks and get invited to nothing. The school I graduated from is where I made the least impression. So that was part of my sense, last night, that I fail to register in certain ways that are not necessarily important, but signify an overall trend. I'm not sad about missing the reunion. Though I wouldn't mind being the proverbial fly on the wall. Or a wallflower--what's the difference?

Ordinarily I would say it doesn't feel like twenty years since high school but today I think twenty years feels about right. You could tell me it was forty years ago and I'm not sure I would argue.

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