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2005-09-28 | 1:13 a.m.

I feel like writing but I'm really too tired to do it. In-laws arrive in about twelve hours. Keep having these little fantasy daydreams about how, when my mercury starts to rise, or I feel sick to my stomach, I will just walk out the door and leave. I'll just go straight to my Mom's. Okay, I won't take the car, because it belongs to them, but I'll just walk out and keep walking. Except I can't leave the dogs behind, so I'll have to bring them with me. Except I've got to find Rusty's leash, damn it. And I'm not sure what I'll do once I get to my Mom's, because dogs aren't allowed in her building.

Hmmmm. It sucks not to have a really watertight plan. I wish I had a houseboat. The rents at our marina are really low. But I'd rather not have to pay for anything. I just want to go into the woods and camp for free, like that guy who bombed all the abortion clinics.

P.S.: Today/yesterday was Jinx's birthday. Enjoy being seven at last, my angel.

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