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2002-09-04 | 1:02 a.m.

Today was the first day of school here at home. I don't know if I am doing things right. About an hour in, I had one of those fleeting look-what-you-got-yourself-into-now moments. Criminy hadn't gotten enough sleep somehow (insisted Felony woke her up too early) and she would go from lost in space to tears to turbulence and back again every few minutes. But. Around four o'clock it struck me that despite being cranky, tired, and in low spirits myself, it was still the best day I had had in at least a week. Weeks, maybe. It had a high point, anyway.

Otherwise I am often close to tears. I guess I am falling into a seasonal funk. I may go back and look through the diary for evidence of it happening before. I'm pretty sure it has, but I wouldn't mind the evidence. I've said before that my symptoms don't equal depression, but it must be the celebrity impersonator of depression, because the resemblance is quite strong. Still, I am not depressed. I'm just prone to funks. I am funk-y, funk-y.

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