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2003-08-25 | 2:40 p.m.

I am waiting for the man from Midas to call, the one who said, "I do the oil changes and give people rides." He is about 19 years old. He said, as we drove past the high school, that he doesn't even know what the school schedules are like anymore. He is planning to learn all about doing brake work; really everything they do at Midas, he will learn. Before he started working there, he did all his own maintenance. Worked on his own car and all his relatives'. Now it's a lot easier because they can come to the shop after hours and he can put their cars up on the rack.

I know all this because he told me while I drove home, and then he took my car back to Midas. Now the car is ready and the office manager lady said I could come and get it, but I don't want to come and get it because it is about a half mile from here and I have in tow five kids under eight years old, all of whom are wilting in the heat. Plus I made the mistake of walking them all down to 7-Eleven for a Slurpee, which about did everybody in.

So please Mr. Midas Junior, please call and say you'll come. We had such a pleasant trip this morning. Let's do it again.

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