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2001-08-09 | 10:11 a.m.

[I found this floating around on my hard drive, dated 11 Feb 01, and remembered I'd meant to put it in the diary for safekeeping.]

Felony: All right, Mom, here is a tough question. How do mermaids have babies?

Me: No such thing as mermaids.

Felony: There's not?

Me: No.

Felony: But how do they have babies?

Me: Anyway you want. You can just imagine a way. They probably lay eggs, like fish.

Felony: I think the babies just pop out of their bellies.

Me: I think they lay eggs, like fish, because they have a fish body.

Felony: But they don't have a hole, for the eggs to come out.

Me: They might have a hole. Fish have a hole, to lay eggs.

Felony: But I never saw a hole on a mermaid.

Me: Maybe it's really small. But fish do have a hole, even though it's hard to see.

Felony: Well ... what if you had a kaleidoscope?

Me: You mean a microscope?

Felony: Yeah.

Me: That would work.

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