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2004-07-26 | 12:44 p.m.

Something nice happened. Someone I don't know renewed my gold membership as a gift. Her name is Ophelia and she writes absinthesigh. I am trying to read her diary all the way through, in gratitude, but so far I am only up to June 2003. Still, I can tell you that she is my age, give or take, lives in Portland, and keeps a hospice for ferrets. She also has a beautiful antique confessional in her living room.

Please help me thank her for her patronage with your patronage.

I'll have to write more later. Jinx is begging me to set up a game for him. He is five and has discovered video games. Also he has started crossing his eyes at odd moments and claims not to be doing it on purpose. What if he's telling the truth and it is all a result of the video games? I can just hear the other mothers tsking over my tall, cross-eyed boy. She let him play video games when he was only five. What was she thinking? Now that I have the ability to post pix again I'll have to find one of Lucia Joyce to share.

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