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2004-07-12 | 10:25 a.m.

Don't fool yourself. You were always like this. I was never going to be the one with "Winner of the 1999 Whosee-Whatsis Prize" after my name. I was never going to be awarded repeat interludes at the Hayfever colony. I would never so much as apply. Who would take care of the dogs, the children, the neurosy? And now there is the garden to think about.

Besides, those people might ask to see what you've finished. You know, when it's all over. They probably wouldn't be impressed by a sudden passion to learn aikido or auto mechanics. Productivity has never been my strong suit.

But that doesn't mean I can't create. I just have nothing much to brag about; the shortest blurb in the trade:

Annabel Copes lives or, eventually, Annabel Copes was.

Come to think of it, who needs a blurb? Overachievers. Not me.

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