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2003-06-09 | 11:30 p.m.

I haven't been writing because both my daughters are in rehearsals for shows this weekend. Not the same show, mind you. Two different shows, five different costumes, two boxes of makeup and three pairs of shoes. Umpteen tech and dress rehearsals and four performances apiece, in five different cities so far, most of which are scheduled concurrently. One mom, one van.

Jasper's preschool graduation is Wednesday. All my homeschool paperwork for the semester is also due Wednesday. Hmm, come to think of it, these two things are scheduled to happen at the exact same time. Glad I thought of that. Need to write an e-mail to Valerie.

Duff's parents arrive Wednesday. My mother hopes I will have her moved out by then. Still have to register Jinx for the alternative kindergarten class. Still have to turn in the Girl Scout registration forms. Still have to pick up the X-rays from the dentist's office (did I mention that Felony has an extra tooth growing sideways in the front of her mouth?). Still have to write something for the writers group with Frank, the first meeting of which I was forced to cancel because of rehearsals.

I want to write.

Today, in the car, someone on Radio Disney was yammering about "What verb are you?"

"I know what verb I am," Felony said.

"I know what verb I am," Criminy said.

"I know what verb I am," I said.

"What?" Felony asked.

"Drive," I said.

"Oh!" she laughed appreciatively. "I'm dance."

"I'm acting," said Criminy.

I stopped myself from saying Actually, I think that's a gerund.

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