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2004-06-02 | 4:18 p.m.

The girls' last softball game of the season is tonight. Rojo got permission from his mother to come, so he'll tag along and pester me for change to spend at the concession stand. I also invited my mother so I'll pick her up at 5:10, then head over to the field where I'll drop her and the girls off for the pre-game practice at 5:30. Then I'll double back to pick up Duff at home, then return to the ball field for the game, which starts at 6. Fifty minutes into the game I'll take Jinx to his soccer team meeting at the coach's house nearby. He'll meet his new teammates and help pick a name for the team. When the girls were his age, I knew they had a good coach because after they voted to call themselves the "Lighting-Up Pencils," he agreed to submit the name--although he warned the kids the soccer board might not approve it (they didn't, though what sort of problem it posed I cannot imagine). Anyway. Jinx and I may have to cut out of the meeting early to get back to the ball field by 7:45, when the game is likely to end. If I were a really good helpmeet, I'd be making a sandwich for Duff right now, since half the time he comes home ravenously hungry. The other half of the time, he says he's not terribly hungry because there was some catered deal at work and he ended up a) eating too much, or b) eating lunch twice.

Tomorrow I have to go to court to explain to the judge why I haven't come to jury duty. I hope it's not too scary.

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