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2003-06-01 | 10:05 a.m.

Felony is dancing today, in the park, at the Gazebo. I need to start getting ready to go. Criminy just finished reading a book about Helen Keller, who coincidentally died on this day in 1968. Jasper is watching cartoons, I think, and overfeeding the new goldfish I bought for him yesterday, despite my direst imprecations.

I bought him the fish because we took him with us to a Green Party meeting at someone's house, and he was trying to catch a goldfish with a butterfly net out of their backyard pond, only he never could catch one. The other kid who was there managed to do it, but he couldn't, and he fussed and cried and complained about it all the way home.

Duff is sleeping in the girls' bunk bed, because he stayed up too late last night, apparently, and harrumphed out of our bed this morning because the kids and I were cuddling and making our usual morning noises.

My mother is at her friend Opal's house. They went on a bus trip to Reno yesterday, part of a big family charter thing. "I think I'll be the only W-H-I-T-E person on the bus," my Mom said just before she left, whisper-spelling in front of Jinx.

"So?" I said. "Do you care?"

"I don't mind. I just hope they don't mind."

She is moving into an apartment, my mother, in a building just for low-income seniors. She's really excited. It's actually a bit of a skyscraper, and she's going to be on the twelfth floor, with a great view of all the Victorian houses downtown. So even though she can't live in a Victorian, which she would prefer, she can admire them.

Well, I'd better get moving. I have to put makeup on my seven-year-old.

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